Welcome to Ust-Labinsk district

Dear friends!

The Ust-Labinsk district is situated in the central part of the Krasnodar region. The Municipal Formation Ust-Labinsk District includes the administrative center of Ust-Labinsk and 14 rural settlements uniting 38 villages. The population of the district is about 109.6 thousand people. The total area of ​​the district is 151.1 square km, including 116 thousand hectares of agricultural lands.

The climate is moderately continental.

The Administration of the Municipal Formation sees the main task that is aimed at dynamic development of the economy of the region, in the stabilization and development of the economic complex and consumer sphere. Implementation of the investment potential of the Ust-Labinsk district should contribute to a large extent to resolve this problem.

The main branches forming the economic complex of the district are agriculture, food and processing industry, and building materials industry. There are non-metallic mineral resources in the district, which are raw materials for the production of building materials (clay, sand and gravel); natural gas extraction is carried out there as well. The main directions of agricultural production are grain, leguminous crops, soybean, sugar beet and sunflower growing. Agricultural production of the district is represented by enterprises belonging to the Management Company Agro Holding Kuban uniting 11 farms, 3 elevators, 2 seed treatment plants and powerful facility for processing of agricultural products.

In addition to farms, the holding includes 6 large collective farms and 26 small collective and subsidiary farms, and 755 peasant farms.

There are 15 industrial enterprises in the Ust-Labinsk district. Among them there are a single one in southern Russia – the Essential Oil Extraction Plant Florentina, the Dairy Plant Nadezhda, which products are awarded the highest ratings of the All-Russian Contest "100 Best Goods of Russia", the largest in the region Sugar Factory Freedom and several other processing plants. Over a few years, the district is in the top ten among the districts of the region on the grain and legume yield. Livestock growing and productivity is one of the best indicators of reproduction in the livestock industry. Ladozhskoye Fur Farm is a single one in the district that operates only in southern Russia and is long and successfully engaged in mink growing.

We want to offer you a number of investment projects developed by the Administration of the Municipal Formation Ust-Labinsk District, the implementation of which will contribute to the economic development of the district, employment growth, job creation and expansion of the service industry that will improve the lives of residents. For potential partners, we offer already prepared investment sites for construction, each of which has the necessary communication and complete package of documents.

A key objective of the authorities of the Municipal Formation is the high level and quality of life of the population, which is based on a competitive economy, and one of the conditions of its intensive development is creating a favorable investment climate and appropriate attracting investments to the district.

Head of the Municipal Formation Ust-Labinsk District Guyniuchenko Stanislav Alexanderovich